The main advantages of the product

01 Good waterproof performance:

100% structural waterproofing, attention to detail, every common leak point is waterproof

02 Versatile:

Product customized design, suitable for all aluminum frame components on the market, overall wind resistance, good waterproof performance, can be applied to coastal and other project site selection

03 Multi-scenario solution:

It is suitable for various scenarios such as new factory buildings, existing factory building tile removal, and existing factory building without tile removal

04 Service life:

The main material is high-strength zinc, aluminum-magnesium steel, the overall design is not glued, and the warranty is more than 25 years

05 Easy to construct:

The modular design facilitates installation and eliminates the need for on-site cutting and welding

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Main products
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Scenario solutions
New factory building
The built plant is dismantled
The built plant does not dismantle tiles
Cement top frame high
Treatment: The fan is embedded in BIPV, fixed on the aluminum alloy pedal, and the exhaust dissipates heat.
Treatment: The resin lighting tape is embedded in BIPV and fixed on the sink. Simple and convenient, low cost.
Treatment: BIPV is surrounded by color steel tiles, and the fence is installed by fixture. Simple and convenient, low cost.
Non-powered fans
Daylighting strips
The new plant is surrounded by fences
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